Crystal-clear video surveillance solutions from CameraScan record activity in key areas of your operation 24/7/365

Monitor operations live from any location via the Internet to boost profitability and safety as well as deter theft and vandalism. You can also keep a recording to review at a later time for documentation purposes in lawsuits. At CameraScan, we believe an operator’s video surveillance solution directly contributes to business profitability.


Boost productivity and safety

  • Monitor employee productivity and safety: Identify areas where employees need to improve performance and ensure that employees follow safety rules.

  • Decrease employee theft: Employees on video are more accountable for their actions—internal theft is a significant source of loss for businesses.

  • Monitor equipment: Detection of equipment that needs repair or is operating in an unsafe manner through video monitoring 24/7.

  • Hire less personnel: And, because employees, managers and supervisors cannot be everywhere at once, a video surveillance system remotely monitors productivity 24/7 without hiring additional personnel

Prevent and protect

Loss occurs in many ways. Whether its product shrink, vandalism, employee theft, false claims, food safety or shoplifting—can you afford to NOT install video surveillance?

Your insurance premiums are lower when losses are minimized. By visually monitoring activity in and around your business with a video surveillance system from CCTV CameraScan, you secure your assets and save money by preventing loss and ensuring compliance from your employees.



Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance schemes steal at least $80 billion a year, negatively impacting businesses and insurance providers. CameraScan helps businesses operate more safely and reduces fraudulent insurance claims by providing video surveillance solutions that deter and prevent bogus insurance claims and theft while also providing documentation and evidence.

Our high-definition cameras can zoom in on points of interest with clarity that is 8x greater than analog systems and DVR technology means you can store and review footage from specific dates and times—this is especially useful in workers’ comp claims.

High-definition video surveillance

The superior quality of high-definition (HD) video surveillance makes it possible to document events with greater precision than older analog systems.

  • Image quality that is 8x better than analog allows you to have greater recognition of faces, license plates, products and currency by zooming in on points of interest with greater precision.

  • Capitalize on your existing security investment by integrating existing analog systems with new HD cameras on a hybrid DVR.


video-conference (1).png

Monitor operations any time from your devices

Protect your people and profits even when you’re not there.

Theft and false liability claims are just two reasons to remotely monitor your business with video surveillance from CameraScan. Once we have installed your system, we will help you set up your devices for remote viewing.

A business can be vulnerable to over 1.2 million shoplifters and dishonest employees per year. In 2014, over $225 million in stolen product was successfully recovered by business owners with the help of honest employees, loss prevention personnel and a video surveillance system.

The average item stolen from a business in a theft is worth approximately $150, and the average dishonest employee can steal as much as $800 from a small business or store. (Source: Hayes International)

Lease Options: Keep More Money In Your Pocket

Add a new video surveillance system or address areas of concern with your existing system now — without an upfront cost. For the first time, we have created a 120-day deferred leasing opportunity so you can protect your business without an added expense. CameraScan and Marlin Business Bank have partnered to help grow your business by providing customized financing solutions to help small- and mid-sized operations acquire new equipment in 2017 and manage business capital.


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