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Modern video surveillance is key to creating a safer workplace and eliminating worker compensation claims. Washington Farm Bureau members receive a 10% discount on video surveillance from CameraScan (use promo code WSFBTEN). 

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We understand how to create safer, more profitable farms.

Farmers protect their livelihood and deliver a safer product when they manage risk, boost productivity and monitor their employees, animal welfare, land and equipment. We have 25+ years of experience serving Washington farmers and are proud to partner with the Washington Farm Bureau in offering an exclusive 10% discount to members on video surveillance (equipment and installation).

Video surveillance is a business tool that not only monitors your operation, but can be used for training and provides crucial video documentation if workers compensation claims are made. It is a vital part of the Retro Safety Program offered by the Washington Farm Bureau.

Eliminated Labor and Industries Claims at DeGroot Dairy

Kevin DeGroot, a Washington dairy farmer, hasn’t had a labor and industries (L&I) claim in years—and that his CameraScan video surveillance system directly contributes to that by providing recorded evidence of operations to defend his dairy from false claims (like slip-and-fall incidents) that can be a financial catastrophe for small farms and businesses. Read more.

Ethical Employee Monitoring That Keeps People Safe.
Employee monitoring can sometimes be a hot button—but DeGroot says he uses surveillance to know about positive activities and reinforces that among his employees (as well as to curb issues).

“At first I thought installing cameras was going to be a bit of a fight—that they would think I didn’t trust them,” he says. “It’s not that I don’t trust them—I want to know they’re safe and that everything is happening according to protocol so my business is secure. Because, if I still have a job, then they still have a job! Now they love the cameras being on!”
-Kevin DeGroot, DeGroot Dairy, Othello, WA

More from Our Agriculture Customers

Another customer, Douglas Fruit in Pasco, is committed to food safety. Its warehouse and all the orchards comply with rigorous standards of safe, quality foods (SQF).

“The CameraScan camera coverage is seamless and one of the best investments we’ve made. Several members
of the management team (including myself) use the remote viewing feature – its been instrumental in catching employees who have been causing damage to the facilities. The employees and management are comforted by the presence of the video surveillance cameras, especially when there are suspicions and accusations made by employees against one another. Employees now ask management to review footage to prove/disprove innocence. Morale is higher than before.”
– Jim Ranson, Maintenance Manager at Douglas Fruit, Pasco, WA

Invest Confidently with Warranties, Support & Growth Planning.
CameraScan’s experienced technicians work with you before and after installation. This means the right equipment is installed in the best locations, configured correctly, working properly and that you are trained to use your system—and ongoing support just a phone call away. Equipment and installation are covered by a 2-year warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Learn more.


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