Protect your people, profits and peace of mind.

Crystal-clear video surveillance solutions from CameraScan record activity in key areas of your operation 24/7/365.

Monitor operations live from any location via the Internet to boost profitability and safety as well as deter theft and vandalism. You can also keep a recording to review at a later time for documentation purposes in lawsuits. At CameraScan, we believe an operator’s video surveillance solution directly contributes to business profitability. Learn more at the links below:

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Results & Experience You Can Trust with CameraScan


Years in Business

Since 1987, customers have trusted CameraScan to provide industry-leading surveillance systems and keep them updated as technology evolves.


Happy Customers

For decades, customers have confirmed over and over again this conclusion: The
money saved by CameraScan over the years is enormous!


Boost in Customer Profits

Customers have reported boosts in profits typically around 3-5% after installing a CCTV CameraScan video surveillance system.



We design superior systems to resolve unique security challenges and provide training and support plus a 2-year warranty on equipment and installation.

Our process

  • Schedule an evaluation

    Call 1.800.444.1002 for a free onsite security evaluation. One of our system design specialists to talk with you about your specific concerns and walk through your location. They will offer detailed ideas about a video security systems tailored to your unique needs, location, and budget.

  • Design and Installation

    Expert professionals design and install your customized system based on your unique needs and provide training.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we offer a full year warranty on equipment and installation.

CCTV CameraScan: We Protect Your Business

Keeping your people, profits and peace of mind secure is why we exist! CCTV CameraScan, a division of CCTV Marketing, Inc., was born of a desire to help business owners identify and prevent theft, improve productivity and monitor operations 24 hours a day utilizing the technology of closed circuit television.


As industry leaders with three decades of experience in video security, we have a historical understanding of changing customer needs as new technologies rapidly emerge.


We design superior systems to resolve unique security challenges. Then we provide individualized training and support plus a full-year warranty on equipment and installation.


Our commercial-grade systems installed by highly-qualified technicians. Protect your people, profits and peace of mind with crisp images 24/7/365 from various devices. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Who We Protect