Learn How Video Surveillance Protects You

Your industry has unique challenges. Our highly-qualified and experienced installation and service technicians can work with you to custom design a video surveillance system to meet your business’ needs. Contact us at 1.800.444.1002 for a free onsite security evaluation. 


Agricultural Customers

Video surveillance on farms improves operations efficiency and safeguards investments—protecting crops, livestock, equipment and facilities from harm and theft.


Car Dealerships

Car lots, garages and detail areas are key areas to place video surveillance cameras to protect your inventory and provide business insight by tracking the patterns of your customers.


Bowling Centers

Video surveillance monitors lanes, parking lots, employees and customer service levels—providing crucial documentation of activity.


Cardlock Operations

Our HD-SDI surveillance systems, with their superior “far” picture quality and improved clarity and definition, make poor facial recognition, partial or no license plate and vehicle make/model a thing of the past!


Grocery Stores

Today’s digital video surveillance technology can protect profits and start paying for itself through decreased shrinkage, scams, insurance rates and legal expenses.


Hardware Stores

Monitor aisles, warehouses and yards for customer and employee safety. Strategically placed cameras can protect you from loss and record events for investigation of theft and accidents which can save you money!


Restaurants & Bars

Protect your patrons, employees and assets through remote viewing 24/7/365 on any device. Cameras give simultaneous 360-degree views of key areas, such as bars, serving areas and cash registers.



Monitor and secure large facilities spread out over extensive complexes. We can custom design a video surveillance system that allows warehouse owners and managers to focus on at-risk areas and minimize theft.


Wineries & Breweries

Remotely view and record key areas such as tasting rooms, breweries and cellars, and storage facilities. Video verification adds valuable protection and accuracy in risk management.



Keep the focus on learning with video surveillance that monitors student safety and vandalism.