CameraScan video surveillance systems solve security problems for cardlock operators.

We’re proud to have been the chosen surveillance provider to:

  • Connell Oil
  • Dawson Oil
  • Overlake Oil
  • Hunt & Sons
  • West Hills Oil
  • JB Dewar
  • SC Fuels (formerly Coast Oil)
  • Synergy Petroleum
  • GV Burrows 
  • ITL LA
  • Toro Petroleum
  • Visa Petroleum
  • Gore & Sons and many more!

Gas stations can be prime targets of crime. The good new is cardlock operators have become more tech savvy in the past decade in protecting their assets. Using video surveillance is one way to prevent fuel theft, drive offs, damage to equipment and facilities, fraud and other liability issues. However, older analog systems often don’t provide a good enough image or enough recording time to actually catch thieves.

Protect your pumps, profits and people with an industry pro.
We know cardlock operators needs HD-SDI video surveillance systems with superior “far” picture quality and improved clarity and definition for clear recognition of faces, license plates and vehicle makes/models.

Cardlock operations call CameraScan.
Up and down the West Coast, CameraScan designs, installs and maintains video surveillance systems that solve the unique security issues of cardlock operations.

Facing these challenges? 
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  • Intentional drive offs
  • Unintentional drive offs (damage to pumps, nozzles, hoses)
  • Fuel spills (loss of product, environmental issues, cleanup costs, containment)
  • Damage to facilities (pumps, fuel tanks and storage, restrooms, building and grounds)
  • Slip-and-fall liabilities
  • Compromised fuel delivery systems (mechanical bypass of pump controls, “sweethearting”, fraudulent use of cards)
  • Theft of fuel from storage tanks
  • Onsite maintenance and operational issues (wrong product in wrong tank)
  • The need for full-time protection for your property, employees and customers, even when you can’t be onsite

High-definition video surveillance clarifies key cardlock features: vehicle make/model and license plate numbers.
HD-SDI cameras and recording technology from CameraScan provide an affordable solution to move away from older analog systems and higher-end IP based surveillance systems to have better picture clarity and more recording space. Learn more.


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