Compliance and Security—Just Two Ways CameraScan Video Surveillance Helps Farmers.

Washington has the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural safety program—and is one of three states to enforce safety rules on farms with fewer than 11 workers. As an industry, agriculture is vulnerable to risk and unique security challenges. “Farmers have to be the first line of defense in protecting their farms and livestock,” writes Jim Dickrell, editor of Dairy Today.

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Kevin DeGroot, owner of DeGroot Dairy and CameraScan customer.Protecting DeGroot Dairy: A CameraScan Success Story.
One of those farmers using technology to protect his operation is CameraScan customer, Kevin DeGroot, owner of DeGroot Dairy LLC in Othello, Washington. He uses his CameraScan video surveillance system to monitor potential threats to people, livestock, equipment and other assets—and has eliminated labor and industry claims in the two years with recorded evidence.

Remote Monitoring 24/7/365.
“I have an operation that runs 24/7 and 10 employees,” DeGroot says. “I might not be awake 24/7 but the cameras are. As a business owner, when I wake up at 2:00am, I’m thinking about my business. I can follow what’s going on by grabbing my cell phone and seeing everything through my cameras.” Read more. 

Ensure Compliance & Boost Productivity.
Video surveillance has helped DeGroot boost productivity and compliance. CameraScan designed and installed a custom system with cameras in strategic places to monitor key activities within the dairy. This ensures compliance-related protocols and procedures are not skipped during milking times. Read more.

CameraScan Understands How to Protect Farms.
At CCTV CameraScan, we understand agricultural customers like DeGroot—you need to secure large, remote areas where access to electrical power and Internet connectivity can be a challenge. For 25+ years, we have helped farmers on the West Coast stay compliant and lower risk by designing, installing and maintaining custom video surveillance systems that:

  • monitor activity and equipment
  • detect movement
  • support safety rules to protect people and livestock
  • helps protects the agricultural system of the nation
  • stream HD video via wireless and cellular connections
  • provide remote monitoring on Internet devices
  • boost profits, productivity, safety and peace of mind

Protect Your Investment with Warranties, Support and Growth Planning
CameraScan’s highly-qualified and experienced technicians work with you before and after installation to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. This means equipment is configured correctly, working properly and that you are trained to use your system—and have ongoing support just a phone call away. Equipment and installation are covered by a 2-year warranty. You can defer payments until 2016 and start seeing a return on your investment immediately while keeping capital expenditures low. Learn more.

Curious to Hear More About CameraScan from Your Peers in the Dairy Industry?
DeGroot Dairy is not our only dairy industry customer—we also provide video surveillance to Andersen Dairy and Chamberlain Dairy—give them a call and ask them about their CameraScan systems!

Rules Enforced, Lives Saved
Terrorists Among Us

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