Bowling Center Video Surveillance

Bowling Center Video Surveillance

Many bowling centers are using video surveillance systems to help reduce liability issues, curb theft costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service.

Monitoring Lanes & Parking Lots

The 2 biggest issues bowling centers face are slip and falls at the foul line on the land and issues with vandalism or patron arguments in parking lots and other low traffic areas. Video surveillance not only helps you ensure safety for your bowling center it provides crucial documentation should you find yourself needing to talk to police or attorneys.

Customer Service & Employee Theft

While no one wants to think that an employee would take something from the person who pays them employee theft is the highest form of theft for many businesses. It’s hard to imagine someone who trust to care for your business actually stealing from you but it can hurt your profit margins & effect your customer service.

The advantages of operating a bowling center include these facts: it is an all cash business; there are no accounts receivable; there is virtually no inventory; there is no cash flow lag. Like any business, even for a bowling center profit is not automatic. Standard, sound business practices, good demographics, good equipment, and a good location are all necessary ingredients. This is where CCTV CameraScan can help protect your bowling center with custom designed and professionally installed surveillance equipment that can give you piece of mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year long. No matter if your on site or on vacation you can view all activities anytime online with remote viewing software. Now you dont have to wonder what is happening when your not there or in hard to see areas, you’ll know using strategically placed high definition cameras and viewing software from any computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet.

Whether you call your business a bowling alley, bowling center or family entertainment center, a successful business keeps a steady flow of customers through the doors. Everything from the amenities of your bowling alley to the special events you sponsor plays a role in success. Evaluate your current income and business, including a day-by-day breakdown, to determine which times are your most profitable. Building off of your current business allows you to strengthen the weaker aspects to increase the overall success of your bowling alley.  Learn More >>

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