Hardware Stores

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores carry a lot of inventory that is easily susceptible to theft. Theft happens in many forms from employees to customers indoors and out. Small to large items can become targets for loss and shrinkage.

Video Surveillance for Hardware Stores

Hardware stores have to worry about shrinkage both inside and out. Indoors, hardware stores have to worry about theft of small tools which without a HD video surveillance system and correct camera placement these items can be easily pocketed. Outdoors hardware stores must worry about construction materials and larger items that are stored outside, randomly being loaded and carried off when no one is watching or keeping track of larger materials that are stored in outdoor yards.

Having a high definition video surveillance system custom designed and professionally installed not only helps deter theft but can also add peace of mind and protection to owners in many ways. Hardware store owners can monitor isles, warehouses and yards for customer and employee safety. Strategically placed cameras can protect you from loss and record events for investigation of theft and accidents which can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

A custom designed and installed video surveillance system is guaranteed to increase your ROI by preventing loss. Most stores see a dramatic difference just by installing a video surveillance system almost immediately. Employees who know their potentially being monitored on video are less likely to steal and are more productive. Customers who patronage a business feel safer by knowing that their safety is being considered and would be theft is prevented as well as uninviting to those people who come to a business just to steal.

With a customized video surveillance solution from CCTV CameraScan you can gain all the benefits mentioned so far from experts in the industry for over 25 years! We work with you every step of the way to understand your needs and concerns. Our systems allow for integration of older Analog to newer HD cameras so you can get the right amount of camera coverage at the best price.

We walk you through all of the complexities of viewing, capturing and saving video to remote viewing software and tablet or phone apps. You can literally view your business remotely from almost anywhere in the world 24/7 and capture quality video and images easily to save on any device, or storage system.






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