Auto Dealership Video Security

Auto Dealership Video Security

Auto dealerships face the constant threat of theft and vandalism especially after hours and lots located at offsite locations. Car dealers can gain piece of mind by having a customized video surveillance solution which can help protect hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory as well as monitor operations 24/7.

Auto Dealership Video Surveillance, Security for auto Dealerships

Car dealerships have to balance the requirement of presenting an open and inviting car lot full of expensive vehicles to the public with the requirement of security protection from theft. Car dealership owners know that they attract more interest and sales with an open lot design; however, the traditional Car Dealership Security Systems do not meet their needs and are very expensive.

Challenges & Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Like any retail business watching the bottom line is essential to auto dealership and garages. Your inventory is your profit and with expensive inventory security becomes that more important. Video surveillance cameras placed around your car lots, garages and detail areas can help keep you protected.offers auto dealerships security solutions through video surveillance that is both convenient and cost effective.

You can also gain valuable insight from video surveillance by tracking the patterns of your customers. The ability to track customer habits, especially correlating data between which cars customers look at and which cars they decide to purchase, can be valuable information for marketing, inventory, and dealership sales staff.

Video security cameras, especially those equipped with intelligent video analytics technology, can help you count and track customers as they move around your business.
Let us help you put the breaks on theft & vandalism.

  • Stop Theft and Vandalism before it occurs
  • Inform after-hours visitors that they are being monitored.
  • Involve Law Enforcement immediately when appropriate.
  • Most cost effective solution for theft and vandalism prevention.
  • Dealer can use the video surveillance system during operating hours to improve management.
  • Included mobile app allows auto dealership personnel to monitor cameras 24/7/365

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