Lower Insurance Costs.

Insurance schemes steal at least $80 billion a year, negatively impacting businesses and insurance providers. CameraScan helps businesses operate more safely and reduces fraudulent insurance claims by providing video surveillance solutions that deter and prevent bogus insurance claims and theft while also providing documentation and evidence.

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Modern Video Surveillance Means Lowered Insurance Premiums

Our high-definition cameras can zoom in on points of interest with clarity that is 8x greater than analog systems and DVR technology means you can store and review footage from specific dates and times—this is especially useful in workers’ comp claims. Learn more.

“All of our exclusive insurance carriers reduce the premium if the insured has a video surveillance system–particularly one as good as the ones CameraScan offers.”

-Cameron Linder,

CFO, Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance (WBPI)

L.J. Linder & Associates Insurance Services


25+ Years in Business—Expertise That Leads to Results

Our expert technicians can recommend the best camera placement to best protect businesses across many industries—this expertise translates into profit boosts for our customers (approximately 10%) and decreases in loss that impact bottom lines. Learn more.

How secure is your business?

Evaluate how a CameraScan system could make your operation safer and more profitable by scheduling a free onsite security review to discuss your specific concerns and walk through your location.

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