Prevent and protect.

Loss occurs in many ways. Whether its product shrink, vandalism, employee theft, false claims, food safety or shoplifting—can you afford to NOT install video surveillance?

Your insurance premiums are lower when losses are minimized. By visually monitoring activity in and around your business with a video surveillance system from CCTV CameraScan, you secure your assets and save money by preventing loss and ensuring compliance from your employees.

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Viewing Video Surveillance as an Investment, Not an Expense

Adding or updating a video surveillance system is not another expense, it is an investment, and the return will be well over the initial cost. In the long run, you can save money, become safer, and obtain a higher net profit. Consider just a few numbers and ask yourself if you can afford NOT to install video surveillance.

A business can be vulnerable to over 1.2 million shoplifters and dishonest employees per year. In 2014, over $225 million in stolen product was successfully recovered by business owners with the help of honest employees, loss prevention personnel and a video surveillance system.

The average item stolen from a business in a theft is worth approximately $150, and the average dishonest employee can steal as much as $800 from a small business or store. (Source: Hayes International)

75% of internal theft is undetected. (Source: How to identify Dishonesty Within Your Business)


How secure is your business?

Evaluate how a CameraScan system could make your operation safer and more profitable by scheduling a free onsite security review to discuss your specific concerns and walk through your location.

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