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Safety and compliance are two ways video surveillance boosts profitability for dairy farmers. Learn how we can design, install and maintain a system specific to your challenges, budget and location. Click below for more information.

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Camera placement recommendations to help you run your dairy with efficiency and peace of mind. Learn more.


You have heard a lot about video surveillance — here are real-world reasons to take a closer look for your dairy. Learn more.


Washington farmers have embraced rules to prevent accidents—and many take a step further to monitor their farms. Learn more.


High-definition equipment has 8x better image quality than analog and can store an enormous amount of data.  Learn more.


Use video surveillance to monitor threats to people, livestock, equipment and other assets—and eliminate labor and industry claims. Learn more.

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Real-life ways food processors, grocery stores and restaurants can secure their products and keep consumers safe. Learn more.


How to protect your farm using video surveillance in a time when legislators are taking closer looks at dairy farms. Learn more.


CameraScan has a historical understanding of changing customer needs as new technologies rapidly emerge. Learn more.

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Don’t let increasing L&I citations cripple your dairy. Video surveillance can help. Learn more.