7 Ways Video Surveillance Improves Food Safety

This month, major food processing companies (one in our home state of Washington) have issued voluntary recalls of frozen organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables because they might be contaminated with listeria. With food safety on everyone’s minds, how can food processors, grocery stores and restaurants secure their products and keep consumers safe? “Video surveillance is […]

Location, location, location! Best placement for video surveillance cameras in restaurants and bars.

As a restaurant owner, you want your place to be a hot spot! Unfortunately, restaurants are often hot spots for crime. Own a fast food restaurant? These are targets for thieves, especially late at night when you have minimal staff on hand. Here is a good article explaining the crime demographics for quick service restaurants […]


Boosting Profits & Minimizing Loss with Video Surveillance

Thirteen years ago, Tom Bromley became owner of Two Bits and a Bite Tavern and inherited a CCTV CameraScan video surveillance system.   Tom understood immediately the benefit of video surveillance as a tool to boost profits and minimize loss in the food and beverage industry. He used the CameraScan system to monitor and uncover dishonest […]


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