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Insurance Claims and Shoplifting Drop with a CameraScan Video Surveillance Solution at Grocery Outlet (Auburn, CA)

Challenge: Aging Analog Video Surveillance John Stevens, operator of the Auburn, California Grocery Outlet, has been in the food retail industry a long time—and is a long-time user of video surveillance to document incidents and to protect his people and profits. He first installed a non-CameraScan system in 2007 and by 2014 realized it was […]


Prevent “Sweethearting” this Valentine’s Day with CameraScan Video Surveillance

Is Your Business a Target for Sweethearting? Giving away merchandise to friends—or “sweethearting”—is the most common type of employee theft and most significant contributor of retail loss, costing retailers nearly $80 billion annually (SOURCE). We Produce Results Our Customers Love. High-definition video surveillance solutions from CameraScan enable prevention, detection, identification and documentation that go straight to the heart of […]


NEWS & ADVICE: Dairy Farms Under Attack. How You Can Protect Your Farm.

CameraScan received and would like to share an urgent message from Washington State Dairy Federation Executive Director, Dan Wood. CameraScan has helped dairy farmers make safer workplaces for 25+ years. Call us at 800.444.1002 for a free onsite security evaluation of your farm. Our custom-designed video surveillance systems boost compliance and productivity when placed in strategic […]


Video Surveillance from CameraScan Can Protect Dairy Farmers from Increasing Labor & Industry Citations

BREAKING NEWS: This month, the Washington State Dairy Federation recommended dairy farmers immediately and proactively take action to review operations and ensure equipment and the workplace are safe. This recommendation came on the heels of increased Washington State Labor & Industries fines on local dairies. Recent citations were issued for unguarded manure lagoons, formaldehyde handling […]


4 Tips to Create an Employee Monitoring Program Using Video Surveillance

Here’s how to craft a monitoring program using video surveillance systems from CameraScan that can satisfy the employer’s need for information security while minimizing the impact on employee privacy: Be Upfront. Don’t hide the fact that there are cameras in the workplace, that computers are monitored, or that phone calls are recorded. Explain how the […]


Year-End Tip: Create Your Own Tax Break by Purchasing Video Surveillance Equipment Before Dec 31!

Invest in a video surveillance system from CameraScan before December 31 and deduct the full amount of the equipment* without paying the full amount this year. CameraScan and Marlin Equipment Finance have partnered to help grow your business by providing customized financing solutions to help small- and mid-sized operations acquire new equipment and manage business capital. Modern […]


Customer Blog: The ROI of Video Surveillance from CameraScan

By CameraScan customer, Sheldon Smith of the Bridal Trails Ace Hardware store. “Most theft is not external, it is internal…employee theft. I think that this is one of the obstacles in many owners minds about moving ahead with cameras. It’s hard to imagine somebody you know is actually stealing from you. It’s up to ownership as […]


Customer Blog: Grocery Outlet Owners Talk About Why a CameraScan Video Surveillance System Needs to Be on Every Grocery Store Owner’s List

We’ve had our CameraScan system since 2002. Over the years we have upgraded and now have 24 cameras watching the entire floor….cashiers, stock room, delivery area and parking lot. My previous expertise in loss prevention in the grocery industry taught me that a good surveillance is mandatory to reduce and control shrinkage, employee theft, and […]


5 Security Challenges Facing Wineries & Breweries

Wineries and breweries are especially vulnerable to fraud and theft—and simultaneously have unique assets to carefully monitor, such as agricultural areas, containers, tasting rooms, product-making areas and temperature-controlled storage facilities. Protecting these assets directly impacts your bottom line. CameraScan designs, installs and maintains video surveillance systems for wineries and breweries in Washington, Oregon and California […]


Compliance and Security—Two Ways CameraScan Video Surveillance Helps Farmers Like Kevin DeGroot.

Washington state has the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural safety program—and is one of three states that enforces safety rules on farms with fewer than 11 workers (the results were applauded in a recent article in the Star Tribune titled Rules Enforced, Lives Saved). Concurrently, agriculture is very vulnerable to risk and faces unique security challenges. […]

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