The right surveillance cameras in the right places at local dairies.

Dairy farmers protect their livelihood and deliver a safer product when they manage risk, boost productivity and monitor animal welfare and equipment with video surveillance from CameraScan. We have 25+ years of experience serving CA, OR and WA farmers. Download a PDF of how we serve local dairy farmers. Here are the areas we recommend […]

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Why We Recommend Video Surveillance from a Local Provider Versus Out of a Box

Business owners face several challenges including time, money and people—and more and more business owners look to video surveillance to help increase productivity, protect assets and keep their employees and customers safe. Questions owners ask. When evaluating video surveillance, there are many options, making it hard to know where to start. One of the first […]

10 Reasons to Use CameraScan Video Surveillance at Your Dairy

Washington has the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural safety program—and is one of three states to enforce safety rules on farms with fewer than 11 workers. As an industry, agriculture is vulnerable to risk and unique security challenges that, if unaddressed, can threaten the legacy of your farm. Here are 10 reasons to think about CameraScan […]

Video Surveillance That Pays for Itself

Adding or updating a video surveillance system is an investment that can protect your profits, people and peace of mind as a business owner. CameraScan customers find the return on investment to be greater than the initial cost. This was recently the case for one of our long-time customers, a towing company. “The video surveillance system paid […]

5 Big Benefits of Video Surveillance for Small Business

Three common challenges business owners face are time, money and people. CameraScan has been based in North Bend since 1987 and provides business owners with modern video surveillance solutions to tackle business problems like these. Recently, we created new ways for business owners to learn about the big benefits of surveillance on small business—a new […]

7 Ways Video Surveillance Improves Food Safety

This month, major food processing companies (one in our home state of Washington) have issued voluntary recalls of frozen organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables because they might be contaminated with listeria. With food safety on everyone’s minds, how can food processors, grocery stores and restaurants secure their products and keep consumers safe? “Video surveillance is […]

5 Ways to Boost Business Performance with Video Surveillance from CameraScan

The presence of modern video surveillance cameras can make employees more aware of how their time is spent. And better employee productivity is a key driver of your business’ performance and profitability. Here are five ways CameraScan customers use video surveillance to improve operations: Monitor employee productivity and safety:Identify areas where employees need to improve performance and […]

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Insurance Claims and Shoplifting Drop with a CameraScan Video Surveillance Solution at Grocery Outlet (Auburn, CA)

Challenge: Aging Analog Video Surveillance John Stevens, operator of the Auburn, California Grocery Outlet, has been in the food retail industry a long time—and is a long-time user of video surveillance to document incidents and to protect his people and profits. He first installed a non-CameraScan system in 2007 and by 2014 realized it was […]

Prevent “Sweethearting” this Valentine’s Day with CameraScan Video Surveillance

Is Your Business a Target for Sweethearting? Giving away merchandise to friends—or “sweethearting”—is the most common type of employee theft and most significant contributor of retail loss, costing retailers nearly $80 billion annually (SOURCE). We Produce Results Our Customers Love. High-definition video surveillance solutions from CameraScan enable prevention, detection, identification and documentation that go straight to the heart of […]

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