The right surveillance cameras in the right places at local dairies.

Dairy farmers protect their livelihood and deliver a safer product when they manage risk, boost productivity and monitor animal welfare and equipment with video surveillance from CameraScan. We have 25+ years of experience serving CA, OR and WA farmers. Download a PDF of how we serve local dairy farmers. Here are the areas we recommend […]

10 Reasons to Use CameraScan Video Surveillance at Your Dairy

Washington has the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural safety program—and is one of three states to enforce safety rules on farms with fewer than 11 workers. As an industry, agriculture is vulnerable to risk and unique security challenges that, if unaddressed, can threaten the legacy of your farm. Here are 10 reasons to think about CameraScan […]

NEWS & ADVICE: Dairy Farms Under Attack. How You Can Protect Your Farm.

CameraScan received and would like to share an urgent message from Washington State Dairy Federation Executive Director, Dan Wood. CameraScan has helped dairy farmers make safer workplaces for 25+ years. Call us at 800.444.1002 for a free onsite security evaluation of your farm. Our custom-designed video surveillance systems boost compliance and productivity when placed in strategic […]


Video Surveillance from CameraScan Can Protect Dairy Farmers from Increasing Labor & Industry Citations

BREAKING NEWS: This month, the Washington State Dairy Federation recommended dairy farmers immediately and proactively take action to review operations and ensure equipment and the workplace are safe. This recommendation came on the heels of increased Washington State Labor & Industries fines on local dairies. Recent citations were issued for unguarded manure lagoons, formaldehyde handling […]


Compliance and Security—Two Ways CameraScan Video Surveillance Helps Farmers Like Kevin DeGroot.

Washington state has the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural safety program—and is one of three states that enforces safety rules on farms with fewer than 11 workers (the results were applauded in a recent article in the Star Tribune titled Rules Enforced, Lives Saved). Concurrently, agriculture is very vulnerable to risk and faces unique security challenges. […]


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