Boost productivity and safety.

Here are a few ways our CameraScan customers use video surveillance:

Monitor employee productivity and safety: Identify areas where employees need to improve performance and ensure that employees follow safety rules.
Decrease employee theft: Employees on video are more accountable for their actions—internal theft is a significant source of loss for businesses.
Monitor equipment: Detection of equipment that needs repair or is operating in an unsafe manner through video monitoring 24/7.
Hire less personnel: And, because employees, managers and supervisors cannot be everywhere at once, a video surveillance system remotely monitors productivity 24/7 without hiring additional personnel.

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Balance employee privacy with business needs.

The presence of surveillance cameras can make employees more aware of how their time is spent. And better employee productivity is a key driver of your business’ performance and profitability.

It’s your business. You have the right to protect it. You also have the right to record what happens on your premises, within certain legal and ethical boundaries. With a few simple precautions, workers can safeguard their personal privacy on the job. And employers can better protect their businesses and the people who work there.

Finding balance between employee privacy and business needs is essential to developing an effective and defensible monitoring program. If you are considering an employee monitoring program, you are not alone. The majority of businesses now monitor their employees in some way. The growth in employer surveillance systems is significant.

4 Tips to Create an Ethical Employee Monitoring Program

How do you craft a defensible monitoring program that can satisfy an employer’s need for information security while minimize the impact on employee privacy?

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