Surveillance Helps the Hospitality Industry Put People First.

CameraScan provides a 5-star video surveillance solution for the hospitality industry.

Ensuring the safety of your guests, staff and property is a key business strategy in the increasingly-competitive hospitality industry. CameraScan designs, installs and maintains modern video surveillance for the hospitality industry. Contact us via phone (800.444.1002) or email ( to schedule a free onsite security evaluation to determine the right number and placement of cameras for your operation, challenges and budget.

Here are a 7 ways video surveillance makes your operation run better:

Security. Track visitors and deter/document break-ins. We recommend the right cameras for indoors, outdoors, humid areas (like pools) and low-light areas.

Customer service. While video surveillance increases safety, it can also improve guest satisfaction by providing insight into staff and guest interactions.

Theft. Monitor the property for theft in exclusive areas of hotel (such as pools and gyms) as well as storerooms, maintenance and parking areas.

Restaurant and bar shrink. Install cameras in the dining room, kitchen and bar areas to reduce loss of food, alcohol, linen supplies and flatware. Cameras placed above cash registers guards against sweethearting, etc. High-definition cameras provide crystal-clear video that allows you to see cash denominations!

Lowered liability. With recorded video evidence, you can provide proof of activities (such as slip-and-fall incidents) and some insurance carriers offer reduced rates when video surveillance is in place. DVRs store weeks of data for you to review later and find specific points in time.

Peace of mind. Both guests and management gain peace of mind knowing cameras monitor the property.

Remote viewing. Management can view live or recorded video from Internet devices 365/24/7.

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