The right surveillance cameras in the right places at local dairies.

Dairy farmers protect their livelihood and deliver a safer product when they manage risk, boost productivity and monitor animal welfare and equipment with video surveillance from CameraScan. We have 25+ years of experience serving CA, OR and WA farmers.

Download a PDF of how we serve local dairy farmers.

Here are the areas we recommend for cameras (ours are waterproof and sealed) and how they help you run your operation with greater efficiency and peace of mind:

Milking parlor
• Employees follow protocols and rules
• Cows are treated humanely

Tank room

• Verify when driver arrives and leaves
• Monitor that tank procures are followed (and nothing added to the milk)
• Proper measurement
• Area is clean

Hospital (maternity ward)
• Monitor calving efficiently (know
when to attend to mother)
• Calf care (feeding, etc.)
• Proper naval dipping

Cattle holding area
• Keep an eye on waiting animals

Feed areas (lanes and storage)
• Know when cows are fed
• Monitor equipment
• See that cows are eating
• Theft of feed

Medicine room

• Monitor controlled substances


• Rule compliance (reduce workers’ comp issues)
• Monitor for theft and safety


CCTV CameraScan has been designing, installing and maintaining video surveillance systems for West Coast businesses since 1987. We are based in North Bend, WA and serve California, Oregon and Washington. CONTACT US today at 1.800.444.1002 or to find out how CameraScan can improve profits, productivity and peace of mind with high-definition video surveillance.

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