Video Surveillance That Pays for Itself

Adding or updating a video surveillance system is an investment that can protect your profits, people and peace of mind as a business owner. CameraScan customers find the return on investment to be greater than the initial cost.

This was recently the case for one of our long-time customers, a towing company.

“The video surveillance system paid off. We caught the bad guy red handed!” says one of the owners after a recent incident.

This is an example of a client who invested in our video surveillance solutions a long time ago (in 1999) and has consistently partnered with CameraScan to upgrade, integrate and expand coverage over the years to include high-definition (HD) cameras and DVDs that provide crystal-clear video and large amounts of storage space for continuous recording that you can review. This commitment to safety has paid off by offering better protection to the people and assets on property and helping customers document incidents.

The superior quality of HD video surveillance makes it possible to document events with greater precision than older analog systems (image quality is 8x better than analog and allows you to have greater recognition of faces, products and currency by zooming in on points of interest with greater precision). See the difference.

Already have video surveillance? Capitalize on your existing security investment by working with CameraScan to integrate the systems you have now with new HD cameras on a hybrid DVR. Read about a grocery client who took this step and significantly lowered insurance costs and shoplifting.

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Affordable Video Surveillance for Your Business.
For 25+ years, CameraScan has designed, installed and maintained video surveillance solutions to help business owners control loss, improve safety, boost productivity and decrease liability.

Why CameraScan?
Local sales and service experts mean your surveillance solution is customized to your operation, budget and industry. After your installation, we provide a 2-year warranty, training and service. Even if you already have a surveillance system in place, we are happy to recommend an integrated solution to boost coverage and modernize what you have. Learn more.

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