5 Big Benefits of Video Surveillance for Small Business

Three common challenges business owners face are time, money and people. CameraScan has been based in North Bend since 1987 and provides business owners with modern video surveillance solutions to tackle business problems like these. Recently, we created new ways for business owners to learn about the big benefits of surveillance on small business—a new website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, blog and more.

Curious? Here are 5 ways CameraScan video surveillance can help business owners like you:

  1. Control loss – monitor your assets and proactively protect your bottom line from product shrink, vandalism, employee theft, false claims, shoplifting, food safety issues and more.
  2. Lower insurance costs – operate more safely and reduce fraudulent insurance claims with video documentation. Many insurance carriers provide discounted rates if you have video surveillance.
  3. Boost productivity – monitor your employees, sensitive equipment and more to detect and correct issues.
  4. Gain peace of mind – with remote monitoring, HD clarity and DVRs that record and store video, you can keep tabs on your operation even when you can’t be there.
  5. Uncover business insight – review recorded video to uncover customer patterns, areas for improved operations and more.

Rely on a local surveillance pro with 25+ years of experience.
Contact CameraScan today at 1.800.444.1002 to schedule a free on-site security review in which we listen to your challenges and provide a custom proposal for your location, industry and budget. We have been based in downtown North Bend since 1987 and are pleased to partner with our fellow local business owners to protect your people, profits and peace of mind.

Expertise in Many Industries.
We can recommend camera placement in key areas and across different environments within your operation (indoor/outdoor, cold/warm, bright/low lighting) and help you resolve security challenges and meet business goals. Industries we specialize in include:

  • Agriculture
  • Breweries
  • Car dealerships
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail operations
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Wineries


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