7 Ways Video Surveillance Improves Food Safety

This month, major food processing companies (one in our home state of Washington) have issued voluntary recalls of frozen organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables because they might be contaminated with listeria. With food safety on everyone’s minds, how can food processors, grocery stores and restaurants secure their products and keep consumers safe?

“Video surveillance is an invaluable tool for maintaining food safety…Using video strategically, quality assurance, loss prevention  and management professionals can more effectively detect warning signs of potential mishandling or adulteration of food that could result in illnesses, liability and needless damage to the brand…Where food safety is concerned, video provides indelible proof of how food is handled or stored, serving as an investigative tool when problems do occur and a strong deterrent to employees and would-be criminals.” (source)

Here are 7 ways video surveillance improves food safety:

  1. Verifying Procedures
  2. Training Employees
  3. Maintaining Equipment
  4. Deterring Criminal Activity
  5. Providing Transparency
  6. Investigating Problems
  7. Recordkeeping

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