Viewing Video Surveillance as an Investment, Not an Expense

Business owners need to contain costs—duh, right? Adding or updating a video surveillance system is not another expense, it is an investment. CameraScan customers find the return to be well over the initial cost—and they typically begin to see that ROI within 30 days of an installation. In the long run, you can save money, become safer and net a higher profit. Consider just a few numbers and ask yourself if you can afford NOT to install video surveillance.

  • A business can be vulnerable to over 1.2 million shoplifters and dishonest employees per year. (Source)
  • In 2014, over $225 million in stolen product was successfully recovered by business owners with the help of honest employees, loss prevention personnel and a video surveillance system. (Source)
  • The average item stolen from a business in a theft is worth approximately $150, and the average dishonest employee can steal as much as $800 from a small business or store. (Source)
  • 75% of internal theft is undetected. (Source)
  • Giving away merchandise to friends—or “sweethearting”—is the most common type of employee theft and most significant contributor of retail loss, costing retailers nearly $80 billion annually (Source).
  • Insurance schemes steal at least $80 billion a year, negatively impacting businesses and insurance providers.  69% of insurers said they expect a rise in workers-compensation scams (an activity surveillance is particularly helpful in resolving). (Source)

Affordable Video Surveillance for Your Business.
For 25+ years, CameraScan has designed, installed and maintained video surveillance solutions to help business owners control loss, improve safety, boost productivity and decrease liability.

Why CameraScan?
Local sales and service experts mean your surveillance solution is customized to your operation, budget and industry. After your installation, we provide a 2-year warranty, training and service. Even if you already have a surveillance system in place, we are happy to recommend an integrated solution to boost coverage and modernize what you have (for example, add high-definition cameras and DVRs with increased storage space and then set it all up for remote viewing on your devices).

Let’s Talk.
Contact us today (800.444.1002 or via email) to schedule a free security review. We will arrange for one of our system design specialists to discuss your specific concerns and walk through your location. This security evaluation will result in detailed recommendations (and pricing). Learn more.

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