5 Ways to Boost Business Performance with Video Surveillance from CameraScan

The presence of modern video surveillance cameras can make employees more aware of how their time is spent. And better employee productivity is a key driver of your business’ performance and profitability. Here are five ways CameraScan customers use video surveillance to improve operations:

  1. Monitor employee productivity and safety:Identify areas where employees need to improve performance and ensure that employees follow safety rules.
  2. Decrease employee theft:Employees on video are more accountable for their actions—internal theft is a significant source of loss for businesses.
  3. Monitor equipment:Detection of equipment that needs repair or is operating in an unsafe manner through video monitoring 24/7.
  4. Hire less personnel:And, because employees, managers and supervisors cannot be everywhere at once, a video surveillance system remotely monitors productivity 24/7 without hiring additional personnel.
  5. Derive insights from video. Leverage valuable data about customer patterns by viewing recordings and improve service and more operationally.

Affordable Video Surveillance for Your Business.
For 25+ years, CameraScan has designed, installed and maintained video surveillance solutions to help business owners control loss, improve safety, boost productivity and decrease liability. Learn more.

Why CameraScan?
Local sales and service experts mean your surveillance solution is customized to your operation, budget and industry. After your installation, we provide a 2-year warranty, training and service. Even if you already have a surveillance system in place, we are happy to recommend an integrated solution to boost coverage and modernize what you have (for example, add high-definition cameras and DVRs with increased storage space and then set it all up for remote viewing on your devices).

Let’s Talk.
Contact us today (800.444.1002 or via email) to schedule a free security review. We will arrange for one of our system design specialists to discuss your specific concerns and walk through your location. This security evaluation will result in detailed recommendations (and pricing). Learn more.

Interested in learning more?
Here are four tips to creating a defensible and ethical employee monitoring program that balances employee privacy with your business needs. Read the blog.

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