Insurance Claims and Shoplifting Drop with a CameraScan Video Surveillance Solution at Grocery Outlet (Auburn, CA)

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Challenge: Aging Analog Video Surveillance

John Stevens Auburn GO photo

John Stevens, operator of Auburn, CA Grocery Outlet since 2007 and CameraScan customer since 2014.

John Stevens, operator of the Auburn, California Grocery Outlet, has been in the food retail industry a long time—and is a long-time user of video surveillance to document incidents and to protect his people and profits. He first installed a non-CameraScan system in 2007 and by 2014 realized it was time to upgrade. At the time CameraScan engaged with John, he was having issues with his analog cameras, needed to be able to zoom with precision and wanted the freedom to view his security cameras remotely.

“I learned about CameraScan because you were installing a system for the business near us and they were very impressed with you—so I gave CameraScan a call myself,” John told us.

Solution: Integrate Existing Cameras with New HD Cameras and DVR for Cost-Effective Refresh of System

Andy Anderson, our long-time sales manager in California, met with the Stevens and listened to his challenges and needs as they walked the store and took inventory of what surveillance equipment was currently in place. It was hard for the Stevens to think about investing more money in a new surveillance system when they had an aging one in place. Sensitive to John’s budget, Andy recommended integrating some of the existing analog cameras with new high-definition (HD) cameras and DVRs in the most sensitive areas to give maximum protection. With new high-definition cameras, clients can see with clarity cash denominations, exact products, faces and more—it really helps with such issues as “sweethearting” (not an issue John was having, but one that costs retailers $80 billion each year).

“Coverage is much better. We did recycle some of the old cameras just to contain costs—Andy was really sensitive to that need and we appreciated it,” states John.

With 25+ years in the industry, CameraScan has deep expertise in identifying where cameras should be mounted and what type of camera is needed for the environment to give you the best results (such as low-lit areas, wet areas and outdoors). Many times, that means mounting cameras where sensitive actions occur—but it can also mean monitoring sensitive equipment (such as a refrigerator that, if left open, could result in spoiled food). We even have a client who mounted a camera near a door he often worried about forgetting to lock—now, with remote viewing, he can check it from home and rest easy.

Results: Reduced Insurance Claims and Premiums and Decreased Loss

Since the installation, John has decreased insurance claims to two (one was false) and has seen a difference in loss numbers. Recorded video evidence is key to keeping his insurance premiums low and just one slip-and-fall lawsuit can be financially crushing for a local business.

“I wish we had been exposed to CameraScan sooner,” says John.

Training, Service and Support Maximizes Your Surveillance Investment

The Auburn Grocery Outlet was voted best grocery store in the area in 2015 and John has long been a leader within the Grocery Outlet organization. So when other Grocery Outlet operators ask about his video surveillance system, he is happy to talk.

“I tell them the CameraScan system is the cat’s meow,” laughs John.

From the sales process to the hardware and functionality of the solution to the service (responsive and quick), John recommends calling CameraScan. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers and support your purchase with 2-year warranties and training.

See What CameraScan Can Do for Your Business

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