Prevent “Sweethearting” this Valentine’s Day with CameraScan Video Surveillance

Is Your Business a Target for Sweethearting?

Giving away merchandise to friends—or “sweethearting”—is the most common type of employee theft and most significant contributor of retail loss, costing retailers nearly $80 billion annually (SOURCE).

We Produce Results Our Customers Love.

High-definition video surveillance solutions from CameraScan enable prevention, detection, identification and documentation that go straight to the heart of business profitability. Click to see the HD difference.

Our high-definition image quality is 8x better than analog and allows you to have greater recognition of faces, products and currency by zooming in on points of interest with greater precision. You can capitalize on your existing security investment by integrating older analog systems with new HD cameras on a hybrid DVR.

Our expert installation technicians have deep experience recommending the best camera locations and will work with you to put cameras where you need them and then train you how to use your system to its greatest advantage.

Call 1.800.444.1002 to discuss installing a new CameraScan video surveillance system or upgrading your existing video surveillance.

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