Video Surveillance from CameraScan Can Protect Dairy Farmers from Increasing Labor & Industry Citations

BREAKING NEWS: This month, the Washington State Dairy Federation recommended dairy farmers immediately and proactively take action to review operations and ensure equipment and the workplace are safe.

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This recommendation came on the heels of increased Washington State Labor & Industries fines on local dairies. Recent citations were issued for unguarded manure lagoons, formaldehyde handling and other issues. In one week, a dairy farm was fined $22,000—a financial burden that could cripple many small farmers.

Secure your farm. (3)CameraScan Helps Protect Dairy Operations with Modern Video Surveillance
For 25+ years, CCTV CameraScan has helped dairy farmers on the West Coast stay compliant and lower risk by designing, installing and maintaining custom video surveillance systems. Learn more.

Key Ways CameraScan Protects Dairies (click on the + sign to learn more):

  • Monitor key areas to ensure compliance-related protocols & procedures aren't skipped

    Highly-trained CameraScan technicians work with you to identify key workplace areas and install the right camera in the right place for optimal supervision. This ensures compliance-related protocols and procedures are not skipped during milking times.

  • Detect equipment problems

    Video surveillance cameras can detect equipment that needs repair or is operating in an unsafe manner through video monitoring 24/7.

  • Support workplace safety programs

    Recorded video can help identify areas where employees need to improve performance and ensure that employees follow safety rules. This documentation can help prove you’re providing a safe workplace.

  • Video documentation for decreased liability

    Recorded video can help defend your operation from wrongful lawsuits related to slip-and-fall accidents and more. This documentation can help prove you’re providing a safe workplace.

  • Boost profits, productivity, safety and peace of mind

    With access to HD-quality video surveillance 24/7 on any Internet device, you can monitor and document operations.

  • Protect Your Investment with Warranties, Support and Growth Planning

    CameraScan’s highly-qualified and experienced technicians work with you before and after installation to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. This means equipment is configured correctly, working properly and that you are trained to use your system—and have ongoing support just a phone call away. Equipment and installation are covered by a 2-year warranty. You can defer payments until 2016 and start seeing a return on your investment immediately while keeping capital expenditures low.

Learn more about how we are protecting local farmers and contact us today at 1.800.444.1002 to schedule your free onsite security evaluation.


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