Compliance and Security—Two Ways CameraScan Video Surveillance Helps Farmers Like Kevin DeGroot.

Washington state has the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural safety program—and is one of three states that enforces safety rules on farms with fewer than 11 workers (the results were applauded in a recent article in the Star Tribune titled Rules Enforced, Lives Saved). Concurrently, agriculture is very vulnerable to risk and faces unique security challenges.

How DeGroot Dairy Affordably Complies With Rules And Protects Operations.
Washington farmers have embraced rules to prevent accidents—and many take a step further to monitor their farms by installing video surveillance. kevin degrootOne of those farmers using technology to protect his operation is CameraScan customer of two years, Kevin DeGroot, owner of DeGroot Dairy LLC in Othello, Washington. He uses his CameraScan video surveillance system to be more aware of potential threats to people, livestock, equipment and other assets.

Remote Monitoring 24/7/365.
“I have an operation that runs 24/7 and 10 employees to monitor,” DeGroot says. “I might not be awake 24/7 but the cameras are. As a business owner, when I wake up at 2:00am, I’m thinking about my business. I can follow what’s going on by grabbing my cell phone and seeing everything in HD through my cameras.”

Ensure Compliance & Boost Productivity.
The CameraScan video surveillance system has helped DeGroot with productivity and compliance, too. CameraScan designed and installed a custom system with cameras in strategic places to monitor key activities within the dairy. This ensures compliance-related protocols and procedures are not skipped during milking times.

DeGroot’s peers, Washington farmers, say enforcing compliance with rules aimed at preventing accidents is typically affordable, and much better than the heartache and financial consequences of dealing with a fatality. And compliance works—Washington has the nation’s lowest fatality rate. If all states followed the Washington model, the lives of about 1,000 farmworkers could be saved in five years, according to a study in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Eliminated Labor and Industries Claims at DeGroot
DeGroot also talked about how he hasn’t had a labor and industries claim in years—and that his CameraScan video surveillance system directly contribute to that by providing recorded evidence of operations to defend his dairy from false claims like slip-and-fall incidents that can be a financial catastrophe for small farms and businesses.

Ethical Employee Monitoring That Keeps People Safe.
Employee monitoring can sometimes be a hot button—but DeGroot says he uses it to know about positive activities and reinforces that among his employees (as well as to curb issues).

“At first I thought installing cameras was going to be a bit of a fight—that they would think I didn’t trust them,” he says. “It’s not that I don’t trust them—I want to know they’re safe and that everything is happening according to protocol so my business is secure. Because, if I still have a job, then they still have a job! Now they love the cameras being on!”

CameraScan Understands How to Protect Farms
At CCTV CameraScan, we understand agricultural customers like DeGroot—contact us today at 1.800.444.1002 for a free onsite security evaluation.

For 25+ years, we have helped farmers on the West Coast stay compliant and lower risk by designing, installing and maintaining custom video surveillance systems that:

  • monitor activity and equipment
  • detect movement
  • support safety rules to protect people and livestock—and the agricultural system of the nation
  • stream HD video via wireless and cellular connections
  • provide remote monitoring on Internet devices
  • boost profits, productivity, safety and peace of mind

Protect Your Investment with Support and Growth Planning
CameraScan’s highly-qualified and experienced technicians work with you before and after installation to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. This means equipment is configured correctly, working properly and that you are trained to use your system. Equipment and installation are covered by a 1-year warranty. Because you can upgrade now and defer payments until 2016, start seeing a return on your investment immediately and keep capital expenditures low.

“I definitely recommend CameraScan cameras and show them to people all the time,” DeGroot says. “I’ve had several people ask me about them versus the cheaper one sold at the box stores. With CameraScan, it’s just so easy—from the easy payment plan (and deferred leasing options) to having someone come in and put them in all the right places. In fact, I just put two more in (for a total of nine) and I already see a need for two more!”

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