4 Security Tips to Protect Your Business from Crime During the Holidays

It’s called “the most wonderful time of the year,” yet statistics indicate that during the holiday season, businesses experience increased crime. Increased inventory and decreased hours of operation make it easier for unauthorized intruders to access buildings and goods.

According to the FBI, more than 30 percent of businesses will experience a burglary this year. Shoplifting is estimated to account for between 30-40 percent of a retailer’s lost profit and only about 2 percent of these losses are ever recovered.

This year, take time to install a few simple security features around your business property. This will help protect your inventory and employees. By simply improving existing security features and adding a few new ones, you can protect yourself from being targeted before and after the holidays.

Here are a few suggestions to protect your business against theft, vandalism and property damage this season:

  1. Motion Lights are relatively inexpensive and popular because they can fool burglars into thinking that someone is there when in fact the building is empty. They illuminate large outdoor areas when movement is detected which can scare away potential intruders before they get too close to your business.
  2. Update Your Locks If you recently moved your business to a new location, updating your locks immediately increases the security of your property. This prevents previous owners from using their old keys to access all your goods.
  3. Video Monitoring Business owners interested in keeping a constant watch of their property should consider video monitoring. There are a number of solutions for businesses with a smaller budget. Some solutions don’t even require the purchase of a DVR/NVR – just the cameras – and owners can view their live and recorded video by logging into a web site just for their business.
  4. Be proactive about securing your business this season. Look for identification on delivery personnel and keep inventory well-organized. Also keep in mind that after Christmas, you are not in the clear as burglary rates spike in January. Continue to use your security features so you can stay protected the rest of the year.

CameraScan can help you prepare now for the holiday season to influence how much money goes into the till – and how much walks out the door. And because the holidays can be full of extra expenses, you can upgrade your system today and defer payments until 2016. Call us at 1.800.444.1002 for a free on-site security evaluation.

We can evaluate your current system for blind spots and areas of concern and then install additional cameras.

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