Location, location, location! Best placement for video surveillance cameras in restaurants and bars.

As a restaurant owner, you want your place to be a hot spot! Unfortunately, restaurants are often hot spots for crime. Own a fast food restaurant? These are targets for thieves, especially late at night when you have minimal staff on hand. Here is a good article explaining the crime demographics for quick service restaurants (QSRs). And “sit-down” restaurants battle customers walking out without paying bills and stealing tableware.

Ironically, employees of restaurants are most often the culprits when it comes to theft. Statistics show that approximately 80% of all restaurant theft is committed by employees, accounting for up to $6 million in loss across U.S. restaurants.

Installing CameraScan video surveillance systems at your restaurant can protect your employees and customers, decrease theft and possibly deter crime. Most importantly, increase the confidence of employees and customers that you are committed to providing a safe environment.

The pros at CameraScan work with you to determine the right installation locations for your unique operation based on employee/customer usage patterns as well as the lighting level of each location. Here are typically-important areas to consider:

Cameras should be installed at all entrance and exit doors to record customers, employees and delivery personnel. At the main entrance, the camera should ideally be focused at head height for easy identification. An additional camera installed in your waiting area can help you determine the number of people waiting during peak times so you can schedule staff accordingly and review procedures and customer service scenarios.

Kitchen, Freezers and Cellars
Cameras in your kitchen monitor order processing, food prep, dishwashing, and food storage so you can manage the kitchen most effectively while ensuring compliance with safety regulations and quality control. Surveillance helps discover theft of cash, food, alcohol, supplies and equipment. Freezers, coolers and wine cellars can also be watched with CameraScan video surveillance cameras to monitor proper temperatures.

Dining Room/Bar
Monitor customer seating areas, ensure customers are satisfied with their food and identify customers who leave without paying with cameras in the dining rooms. Small, dome or covert cameras are ideal for dining rooms to minimize customer discomfort that larger, more intrusive cameras may cause.

Cash Register
These are a key target for theft and fraud for obvious reasons. CameraScan can place a high-resolution camera at your register that can read denominations of bills. This will provide you with documentation and evidence if money is skimmed and more.

Parking Lot/Walkways
Outdoor security cameras monitor cars for theft and vandalism and provide proof of accidents. Outdoor, weatherproof infrared cameras are ideal.

bartenderWant to read more? We highly recommend 7 Deadly Sins of a Bartender by Mark Engelhardt





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