Prepare for the Holidays with Simple Security Solutions from CameraScan

CCTV CameraScan Can Update Your Video Surveillance System.

Holidays bring increased customer traffic and sales for businesses large and small. However, more customers, increased inventory and decreased hours of operation can contribute to more potential theft and fraud.

CameraScan can help you prepare now for the holiday season to influence how much money goes into the till – and how much walks out the door. And because the holidays can be full of extra expenses, you can upgrade your system today and defer payments until 2016.

Avoid Being Targeted This Holiday Season with Simple Security Improvements. 
We can evaluate your current system for blind spots and areas of concern and then install additional cameras. From all your devices, 24/7, CCTV CameraScan video surveillance systems can monitor your business – even when you’re not there – to protect your people, profits and peace of mind.

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Clear Picture Quality. Clear Benefits.
CCTV CameraScan’s HD-SDI surveillance systems, with their superior “far” picture quality and improved clarity and definition, are able to document events previously unobtainable with older technology systems. Below, see the difference in quality between analog and our HD-SDI systems!




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