Boosting Profits & Minimizing Loss with Video Surveillance

Tom Bromley, OWNER | Two Bits & a Bite Tavern

Tom Bromley, OWNER | Two Bits & a Bite Tavern

Thirteen years ago, Tom Bromley became owner of Two Bits and a Bite Tavern and inherited a CCTV CameraScan video surveillance system.   Tom understood immediately the benefit of video surveillance as a tool to boost profits and minimize loss in the food and beverage industry. He used the CameraScan system to monitor and uncover dishonest employees and to improve operation efficiencies. (How long are the cooler doors open each evening?)

But Tom quickly realized that upgrading his video surveillance system was just as important as using it every day.

“Upgrading to a High Definition Video Surveillance System Will Pay You Back Over and Over Again.” -Tom Bromley, Two Bits and a Bite Tavern Owner

The new high-definition cameras and monitors increase the accuracy and range of the viewing angle. With stunning 1080p resolution, images are sharper than ever before–even at night–and even when you zoom in.  Crisp detail and clear facial recognition kept the Tavern business safer and employees more productive.

“The new high-definition system is excellent.  You get more of a view and the detail…it’s just amazing.”

In fact, just recently, a customer accidentally backed into his building causing significant damage to his front entry posts.  With high-definition images the car and driver were easily identified, captured on a thumb drive, and an expensive repair bill saved.  “If I did not have high definition, I wouldn’t have even known who it was.  That saved me $4000 right there in one incident.”

CameraScan has been designing and installing video surveillance systems for west coast businesses since 1987.  Contact us today to find out how CameraScan can improve profits, productivity and peace of mind with high-definition video surveillance.


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